Tiered semi-naked or “peekaboo” style cakes start at $5.50 per serving. Smooth and textured frosted buttercream cakes start at $6.25 per serving. Cakes decorated with fondant start at $8.00 per serving and increase based on intricacy of design. Our decorated sheet cakes start at $4.00 per serving and wedding cupcakes are $36.00 per dozen. When purchasing a cake that is two tiers or larger, we also offer cutting cakes to make sure you have enough to serve all of your guests. Cutting cake is simply decorated with white buttercream for $3.50 per serving.


Dessert tables and favors are priced by order. Wedding cake delivery rates are priced by your venue location.

For more personalized pricing please fill out the contact form. We will be in touch to discuss specific details and designs. 


Held by appointment only, this is where the real fun begins. The engaged couple can join us for a tasting where they are able to sample cakes, fillings and buttercreams. We are confident that you will be able to find the cake of your dreams during our 45 minute consultations. After tasting, we discuss your vision and help you design the perfect cake for your special day.


We recommend reaching out to secure your tasting appointment 4-6 months prior to the date of your reception. Tastings are available as an in person consultation or as a pick up/take away tasting. Either way, they are $25 and include four cake flavors of your choice. 

please note that we are currently unable to ship cake tasting boxes